No Evil Project

Mission Partners

The No Evil Project is a nonprofit organization that uses art and humour to encourage conversation rather than confrontation in challenging stereotypes and helping people find commonality and understanding despite cultural, racial, religious, political, gender, physical & mental health, occupational, and socio-economic among other differences.

For photography events, participants pose as the Three Wise Monkeys: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil; pick three labels that describe themselves; and write a good deed to show they’re “not evil” and aren't defined by their labels. Participating encourages exploring our own labels, biases, and stereotypes, without the defensiveness these topics traditionally cause; while seeing the photos and stories of others online and in physical exhibits humanizes the labels we may not relate to, helps us find similarities with others that seem so different, challenges our assumptions, and starts constructive conversations.

No Evil Project Conversations is a program that assembles small diverse groups of people to meet new people socially as well as share their personal experiences around age, mental and physical conditions, race, religion, and politics to build community, understanding, challenge stereotypes, and increase social capital.

We work with organizations to help challenge the stereotypes of the people they serve, companies for team building events, colleges for deeper introductions and discussing diversity, high schools as a social-emotional educational program including anti-bullying, and festivals of all kinds to capture the variety of communities.

The No Evil Project is a founding member of and based at Pakachoag Center.