Vision - To create a more harmonious world.

Mission - To engage people, organizations and communities in ways that eradicate prejudice and unreservedly embrace the world in all of its complexities and diversity.

Pakachoag Church has a long tradition of encompassing broad and inclusive values that transcend sect or religion. For decades, the Church has committed its resources to the development of community programs and activities that serve the common good. The Pakachoag Center, an outgrowth of the church's past, present and future, is dedicated to supporting a wide array of programs and activities in collaboration with others who share our vision and mission.

Precepts -

  • Hosting a program does not reflect an endorsement of the content
  • The Center prioritizes programs that lean toward a more reciprocal relationship rather than a space utilization arrangement.
  • There will be no acceptance of hate speech or related activity that advocates hostility towards or unacceptance of people of one or more other different races, religions, ethnicities/nationalities/national origins, genders and/or sexual identities (reference - anti-defamation league).
  • We acknowledge and accept that many modern day spiritual practices originate from Black, Indigenous and Eastern, religions and beliefs. We welcome those who deliver their version of spirituality in the context of good faith practices that seek to honor the origins of the practice and stay away from those practices that are understood to be sacred to the originating culture.